New Arrivals: In These Words & New York Minute

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Guilt Pleasure--In These Words SWAG BagMy Guilt|Pleasure goodies have been sitting at the post office for some time now. First I forgot about the delivery (so ashamed), and then I didn’t have time to pick it up. I’m so glad they didn’t send it back. I hugged the package all the way home. So what have we got?

ITW SWAG Bag – I am so tempted to use this when I have a couple of things to pick up from the market. It’s the same size as the bag I use now. I also use the same type of bag to carry my lunch in to work, but using it for that would be too much.

I couldn’t make it to Fanime, but that’s fine. I still got what I wanted. I’m just too excited. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this delicious story. AND it has two meganes, so you know I’m just a mess right now. Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

EDIT: Not two, but one that looks completely different in his his dual chibi forms. One chibi screams uke and the other oozes seme (let your mind play with that). Not that having one less megane takes anything away from the story, but I’ve never been able to understand how one character can look so drastically different. This is not particular to G | P; it’s an issue that is rather widespread throughout yaoi.

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