Notes: To be Continued…

As a writer, I know every story has an ending. As a reader, I know this as well, but it is my reader’s heart that holds out hope that the story will continue. This hope has caused me to scour the internet for the non-existent next volume, finding nothing but other works by the author—this is good, too, but not quite the same. It has convinced me to buy an extra exclusive story from the author. And it has compelled me to read the story over and over and over again in hopes of finding something I missed before or possibly satiating my hunger. Others may think it desperate of me, but my fellow readers know the extents others will go to are merely milestones to the determined.

There are so many stories that I’d like to read more of, but here’s just a few. These are not necessarily the ones I want to read most; I just ran through the alphabet and picked a few. There are spoilers ahead. Since there’s the possibility that some of these titles are new to you, I’ll let you decide which ones you want to read.

Hard Rock by Abe Akane


I want to see more of Nozumu and Ai. I wasn’t completely surprised that Ai was the uke in their relationship, maybe a little disappointed, though. I’d love to see how they fared in the states. Also, I want to see what their sex is like. I imagine Ai as a very awkward uke made even more so by Nozumu’s playfulness. You know how the silly or puppy dog seme usually becomes this master technician in bed and totally makes the uke melt? Well, I can’t see that for Nozumu, at all. He’d most likely be as saccharine-sweet and giggly in bed as he as out of bed. And for Yumeji and Shouri, I’d like to see an expanded version of how Yumeji used that oppressive aura to win Shouri over or completely wear him down to the point of happiness.

I Can’t Even Breathe Without You by Eda Yuu & Enjin Yaminaru

{Eda Yuuri & Enjin Yamimaru} I Can't Even Breathe Without You-03


He seems like a total airhead, but Niki–such a great character–knows what he likes: Shouji’s pancakes and now, sex with Shouji. I want to see him seduce Shouji, that should be hilarious. He’s bound to be super productive now that Shouji’s with him full time, but will crazy sex with Shouji prove to be a new obstacle for Niki?

What’s Your Name?” and Call My Name by Dokuro Jayruu 


Shinta is so stupidly cute and Yamabe-san is so dry that I can’t imagine him getting riled up over anything. I think it’s such to the point that his “just like any other day” face won’t change even while he’s doing all sorts of great things to Shinta. I also wonder if Shinta will ever calm down; he’s so excitable. They’re polar opposites and I’d like to see how that plays out for them.

The Beautiful Tomorrow” by Kyuugou 


More of anything by Kyuugou is a must, but I’d like to see what becomes of Akira. With no need to move, what’s his new motivation? His new ambition? Will he do more with his music or will he just be a live-in with a part-time job. And cutie Takumi, will he get to hang out with his Aki-nii? Although I love that grumpy megane, I’m not so concerned about Kuwahara-sensei; I have no doubt that he is firmly ensconced in his grumpiness and will remain evermore. One more thing… I wonder how long they can keep it from Itou-san.

It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: Miyamoto Kano should have her own quarterly anthology/mag (I’d wish for monthly, but I don’t want to wear sensei out). This would mean more Rules, more Walkers, more Publishers, more Dormitories, and more and more and more and more! But I’ll just go with these for now.

Escape by Miyamoto Kano 


What the heck happened to the boy?!?!

End of Youth by Konohara Narise & Miyamoto Kano

{Miyamoto Kano} End of Youth-01-hands


Chikara was like sandpaper and I loved him for it. As much as he wanted to be with Shinichi, I don’t think he’d be alright with Shinichi just loafing about for the rest of their days, so I imagine Shinichi would eventually find something else to do with his life. But what is that? And what will become of Chikara’s poetry?

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese and The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice by Mizushiro Setona


New thoughts from Gray Kyouichi is reason enough.

Mainichi Seiten  by Sugano Akira & Etsumi Ninomiya 


Mostly because I just can’t get enough of Akinobu. How is he really dealing with his new relationship with Ryuu-chan? Aki, who was so confused when he confronted Mayu-tan and Yuuta. Aki, who took everything upon himself, even the continuing of the Obinata bloodline. Aki, who even Tiaga-nii fears when he’s angry. Oh Aki. But of course I’m curious if Tiaga-nii and Shuu will ever consummate their relationship. I believe the story continues in the novels after volume 9, is it? At the moment, that is not an option for me.

Tsujimora-san is a Secret by Suzuki Tsuta


Will they start meeting outside of the smoking room?

Akanai Tobira” and “The Wrong Key” by Suzuki Tsuta


Masuoka displays some great–meaning hilarious–qualities as a uke. I’d like to know if he’ll ever stop acting like a total spaz when he’s invited/forced into Usui-san’s bed. Will Mori-senpai be taken down by Masuoka’s pheromones once again? And will Usui-san ever notice Masuoka’s “smell”?

The Wrecker by Takaido Akemi


Kawaguchi already told someone about it, so did Kamimura get fired? It ended when Sakaido and Kamimura could have really started something. Then again, being the kind of guy he was, I don’t think Kamimura would accept Sakaido continuing his side profession; that sex with other people part just kind of sticks in your craw a bit.

Yamada Yugi is another manga-ka who needs their own anthology. It would be great with the occasional guest appearance by her mentor Takaguchi Satosumi and novelist Aida Saki. But I’ll just give these for now.

Shinuhodo Suki,” “Sukisugite Kirai,” and “Juu Shuunen Omedetou” by Yamada Yugi

{Yamada Yugi} Shinu Hodo Suki-05


Eto and Yanagi, I want an extended version of what happened during those 10 years. Even though Yanagi accepted the long distance relationship, I’m sure he probably thought, “well it’s only for 4 years.” But then to be beset with multiple circumstances under which he and Eto had to separate, how did he deal with it? Oh! And the look Yanagi had when he said, “I thought you forgot about it” regarding Eto and their 10-year anniversary; it was so sad and sweet. I want to see more of those expressions—Whoa! I’m talking like a seme!

I’ll Cry Tomorrow by Yamada Yugi


Did Mugi and Icchi end up traveling or did Mugi, I-prefer-not-to-work-san, become Icchi’s kept man once he returned to the world of the working? Did Mugida-onii-sama’s wife leave him again? What did they do with Komugi’s litter?

Not that this is a surprise or anything, but Yoneda Kou should not only have an anthology, but she should also have an anime channel or at least a 4-hour block on an existing one. It’s never enough. I can’t think of any of her completed work that ended in such a way that I was able to be satisfied with just what I was given. She creates insatiable beasts out of the casual reader.

Doushitemo Furetakunai by Yoneda Kou

{Yoneda Kou} Doushitemo Furetakunai ~ The World With Color II-01


Who doesn’t want to see Shima-kun become stronger and more confident in his relationship with Togawa-san? Who doesn’t want to hear Toshiaki call out Yousuke’s name? I also want to see if Togawa-san can stave off the old-man smell. And as for Onoda and Deguchi… What the heck?! Because she already said to keep it to myself, I won’t tell her, but I’ll tell you. Even though it was awesome as it was, I still feel slighted for when she skimmed over Onoda and Deguchi’s first night. However, I think that once Onoda calms down, he’ll find that his perv switch is now permanently situated in the “on” position (possibly right along with that possessiveness that I know dwells within him). I don’t think Deguchi will mind one bit. Yes, I’d also like to see the “double date” I imagined from YK’s 2010 New Year’s sketch.

NightS by Yoneda Kou


Of course! Will Hazumi and Karashima ever meet again? Will Karashima get to make Hazumi cry? What is Hazumi’s real name? Will Karashima give up on meeting his father? All of these things, I want to know.

There are so many more I could list, but I’ll stop for now because I really need to if I’m ever going to eat today.

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